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Volunteer for Offsite Fairs and Festivals!

Dear Volunteers,


We are thrilled to offer you an exciting new volunteer opportunity!


The Denver Museum of Nature & Science, through Off-site Programs, has a commitment to have a presence at various community fairs and festivals throughout the Denver metro area. At these events, we conduct fun, engaging, and interactive programming for festival-goers, as well as serve as ambassadors for the Museum with information about programs, current special exhibitions, prices, etc.


This summer we are looking for volunteers to work alongside Museum Programs staff at fairs and festivals, and to share the Museum's mission to ignite our community's passion for nature and science.


There are two roles that you can fill to support our efforts:



Facilitators will work alongside Museum Programs Educator/Performers to engage diverse audiences in fun science learning out in the community. Activities will vary from event to event, but will all be interactive, easy-to-learn, easy to facilitate, and have some on-the-job training. While this role does not require extensive prior science knowledge it does require comfort exploring concepts with groups, as well as an outgoing personality, a love of working with multi-generational & multi-cultural audiences, and an excitement for science learning is essential.



Ambassadors will represent the Museum by sharing general Museum information, handing out stickers and tattoos, and proactively encouraging festival-goers to engage with the Museum's fun science activities (led by Educator Performers and Facilitators). Comfort conversing with festival-goers, enjoyment from working with multi-generational & multi-cultural audiences, and excitement for representing the Museum is essential.


Both positions are important for the success of our event presence and allow Museum Programs staff to deliver high-quality programming.


Please be advised of these important logistical considerations:


  • Each event will have 1-2 Coordinators from Museum Programs. Volunteers will report to the Coordinator and be in communication with them about any issues, including missing the event, being late, or any other concerns.
  • Volunteer shifts will be between 3-4 hours in length, not including transportation time to the event/venue.
  • Events take place throughout the Denver metro area and require volunteers to find their own transportation to and from events. This may require parking a distance away from the event site and walking to the activity site. Any carpool/caravan coordination is done on your own and will not be facilitated by Museum Programs. The Museum does not provide reimbursement for mileage. Another option would be to request complimentary RTD bus passes from the Volunteer Engagement Team.
  • Volunteering for outdoor events can be strenuous. Volunteers must be in good physical condition and take into consideration what their physical limitations may be before signing up.
  • Volunteers may often be on their feet for extended periods of time; seating accommodations may be possible but cannot be guaranteed.
  • Events take place outdoors in the variety of Colorado weather. Volunteers must prepare accordingly for sun, wind, rain, hail, etc. Sunscreen is provided.
  • Volunteers are not provided food and must bring their own water bottle. Water refill jugs are brought to most outdoor events or else water refill stations are located close-by.
  • Uniforms - either Volunteer vests or DMNS blue t-shirts will be provided to either type of volunteer. They can get their uniform piece either before the event or when they arrive.

Logistical emails will be sent approximately one week in advance of the event, which will detail day-of point of contact, location, time, audience, parking situation, etc. While Museum Programs Coordinators will aim to send this email one week in advance, it is dependent upon when they receive the logistical information from the event organizers, which on occasion is less than a week in advance.


If you have a role preference, you may indicate this when you sign up online - however, we may ask you to fill a different role based on what our needs are in real time at each event.We appreciate your patience, flexibility, and adaptability as we begin this new adventure.

Participating volunteers will be sent a survey shortly after each event to gather feedback about how the experience went, and to provide insight into how we might improve aspects of this opportunity moving forward.


Click HERE for a listing of the fairs and festivals volunteer opportunities - and to sign up! Please contact Lindsey Young at Lindsey.Young@dmns.org or 303.370.8343 if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for participating!



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