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An Important Volunteer Engagement Team Update


Greetings Volunteers!


As you are all well aware, the Volunteer Engagement Team has undergone a great deal of transitioning these past few months. Not only have we moved our space of residency, we've been working on creating a new database, welcoming new team members, and transitioning roles and responsibilities. We are pleased to let you know we are now fully staffed - and we have a fantastic team who is excited to work with you!


The Volunteer Engagement Team's objective is: To ensure the success of programs, exhibits, and scientific research. We do this by providing a well-informed, thoroughly vetted corps of volunteers, interns, and work-study students that believe in furthering the Museum's mission while demonstrating the Museum's values in action. In short, we provide you with the training and support you need to then help us support the needs of the Museum.


We want you to have this support during all of our operating hours, so we have made some changes to how we do things. We are now fully implementing a model where Volunteer Engagement Specialists (formerly known as Volunteer Coordinators) work collectively to provide staff support for volunteers in all public-facing content areas. Each Engagement Specialist now has "Lead" and "Co-Lead" roles and responsibilities. This new model affords the Engagement Specialists more opportunity to interact with volunteers outside of the singular content areas they supported in the past. We are working collaboratively more than ever before, and you can come to any one of us for assistance with whatever you might need.


We are cultivating a greater sense of community through daily briefings for all volunteers, and sending weekly all-volunteer emails to keep you better informed. With our fully staffed team, you will experience more in-person presence and opportunities to connect with us. We are making every effort to support you in a consistent and seamless manner by providing clear direction and communication.


Below you will find links to an organizational chart and a more detailed outline of the roles and responsibilities of each of our team members. We will be launching an evaluation after we establish our new database, and will be actively listening in the meantime, to figure out where we need to fine-tune our model to provide the greatest support for the communities we serve - including you and the Museum's guests.


We've greatly appreciated your patience and understanding over the last several months while we settled into our new surroundings and welcomed new team members. If you have any questions about the direction we are moving in, please feel free to contact Jacqueline Altreuter, Director of Volunteer Engagement, or any member of our team. We are here for you!


With endless gratitude,

Your Volunteer Engagement Team



Volunteer, Intern and Work-Study Engagement Organizational Chart


2018 Engagement Team Member Roles