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Location: Denver Museum of Nature & Science, VIP Room (except for October 12, that talk will be held in the 3rd Floor Community Room) Time: 3 - 4 p.m. Museum admission not required to attend. NO RSVP necessary.

January 17
Telling Time with Rock Clocks

Leah Morgan (United States Geological Survey)

February 16, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.
Modeling Growth Rates in Trilobites

Melanie Hopkins (American Museum of Natural History)

March 19
Floral Responses to Global Environmental Change: The End-Permian Biotic Crisis
Cindy Looy (University of California, Berkeley)

April 2
Linked Developmental and Ecological Trends in Fossil Bryozoan
Carl Simpson (University of Colorado, Boulder)

April 11
Evolutionary Novelty and the Fossil Record: The Challenge and Promise of Complex Patterns in Deep Time
Gabe Bever (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine)

June 1
Glaciation along the Crest of the Continent: Insights from the Rockies

Eric Leonard (Colorado College)

June 22
Hayden's Antebellum Research in the Upper Missouri Country - How One Newly Minted Physician Changed American (U.S.) Geological Sciences

Joe Hartman (University of North Dakota)

August 24
New Insights Into the Evolution of Basal Turtles

Walter Joyce (University of Fribourg)

September 20
Paleoecology, Biostratigraphy, and Paleobiogeography of Extinct Stromatoporoid Sponges of the American Southwest

Carl Stock (University of Alabama)

October 5
Colorado's Triassic Paradox: The Salty Evolution of the Moenkopi Fm.
Rob Fillmore (Western State Colorado University)

October 12
Tectonics and Stratigraphy of the Denver Basin: Insights from Zircons and Apatites

Glenn Sharman (University of Arkansas)

November 15
Mammals Inherit the Earth: How the K/Pg Mass Extinction Killed off Dinosaurs and Opened the Way for Mammals

Greg Wilson (University of Washington)

November 27
Origins of Life: Why did only Earth succeed?
Ramon Brasser & Steve Mojzsis (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

December 3
The Improbable Fossil Record of Jellyfish and Their Kin

Graham Young (Manitoba Museum)




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