Teen Science Scholars

Areas of Expertise

2017 Teen Science Scholars


Our Teen Science Scholar Internship offers high school students, who will be in their junior or senior year in high school in the Fall of 2017, a chance to work alongside scientists from our Research and Collections Team at the Museum. Selected students will be involved with various aspects of their mentors' research and/or collections programs, presenting an overview of their work at an annual symposium held at the Museum at the end of the summer. Teens who are from groups underrepresented in the sciences are highly encouraged to apply. (e.g., individuals who are first-generation college bound, Hispanic, Latino, African American, and Native American).

Each summer, Scholars are engaged in various aspects of Museum research and/or collections work that strengthens their investigative and communication skills, and introduces them to a variety of science related careers. They develop a peer network of students from across metro Denver and beyond.

Teen Science Scholars has provided over 160 high school students the opportunity to be mentored by Museum scientists and collections staff since its beginning in 2007. Students who have completed this internship have gone on to study science at such universities as MIT, Duke, and University of Denver.

This is a paid internship and is open to students who will be entering their Junior or Senior year of high school in the fall of 2017. Applications must be received by Wednesday, March 15, 2017.